January 18, 2016

january postcard

I lit a candle for him. I think a part of me thought that he would never die. I don't remember the first song. I remember being scared watching the Labyrinth. I remember the references in the Young Ones, but by then I knew the lyrics. I remember smiling while seeing Zoolander. I remember meeting M and raiding his music collection and discovering a new list of songs I didn't know I loved. I remember singing in the car on our 2 hour trips between Launceston and Hobart. I remember all the songs at our wedding, the lyrics sung by Seu Jorge in Portuguese. He was my pinnacle. Everyone else was pale in comparison. And now he is gone. I am so lucky to have bee alive at the same time as David Bowie.

Australia Post Box Albury Street, Deagon.

december postcard (belated)

It felt like waking up. The world was distant, far away. I was shaking, or my leg was at least. My knee rocking back and forth as if it was going to collapse beneath me. But I was safe. Something was supporting me. Then I heard my name and I was back. M was right in front of me, his face close, asking if I was OK. His arm was wrapped around me, strong. 'That was weird. I think I need to sit down.' We walked together to find a chair. M went to get me some water while I sat and thought how lucky I was that he had been there to stop me fall.

Australia Post Box Albury Street, Deagon

January 4, 2016

november postcard (belated)

I have a speed bump in my head. The not unusual type. The one that tells me I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm dumb. I know not to listen, but still it has tripped my up and has left me standing still. Ignoring it doesn't work. The only way to get my momentum back is to face it head on and risk a fall. Need to remember I'm brave. Need to remember that I can do hard things.

Australia Post Box Bowser Parade, Sandgate